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Veterinary Submission Form

Submission of Veterinary Samples Guidance

Many veterinary samples, particularly tissues and other post-mortem samples will have a bacterial load. Our media do contain selective agents but our chances of successfully recovering Mycoplasma pathogens without losses from bacterial overgrowth is improved when samples are shipped cooled.

We can supply insulated containers and transport (see price guide).

If sending your own samples please consider the following:

1) Use a polystyrene container and pack samples with a frozen gel pack.

2) Use an overnight courier and ship Monday to Thursday. (Sample ready to ship Friday-Sunday should be refrigerated or frozen and shipped on Monday).

3) If submitting swabs, ideally purchase our swab transport kits. Swabs, even from the same animal, should always be packed separately, not pooled in the same container of transport medium, even if more than one swab is to be inoculated on a single plate. This is important with game bird swabs, where fast growing commensal/opportunistic Mycoplasma species overgrow the target pathogen.

Please Note: You may request a maximum of two swabs per plate.

4) Please ensure information on the samples is provided and is legible.

5) If you wish to use the submission form, please use the link above.

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