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Regulatory Testing of Vaccines and Cell-Culture Derived Therapeutics

The focus of Mycoplasma Experience testing is sensitive cultural testing for the detection of viable mycoplasmas - and ureaplasmas where required.

Cell Culture Testing

Two cultural tests are offered, a cell-culture test and a cell-screen test.

Veterinary Diagnostic Testing

Veterinary samples can be tested for the presence of mycoplasmas and/or ureaplasmas as well as isolation and identification of pathogens where required. We hold a current SAPO licence allowing us to handle specified animal pathogens.

Serum Testing

Serum presents a possible source of mycoplasma contamination when used as a cell-culture medium supplement. We offer a rapid filtration test to establish the presence or absence of mycoplasmas.

Rapid Microbiological Mycoplasma Testing  - PCR

Two PCR protocols to detect mycoplasmas are offered, aimed at cell culture and cell therapy or ATMP products. These can be stand-alone tests or performed alongside cultural testing.

Mycoplasma Identification

We are able to use a variety of methods to identify mycoplasma from different sources.

Sample collection and transportation

This service is available for any samples that require testing at our facility.

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