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Mycoplasma Experience also offers a  "Cell Screen" as a lower cost alternative to the standard Cell Culture Test which retains the essential Quality Control elements on which our Standard Cell Culture Test is based. Click here for a diagrammatic view of the cell screen test.

Samples for "Cell Screen" are inoculated into our unique recovery media which support the growth of M. hyorhinis cultivar α and fastidious strains of M. orale and M. fermentans. All media lots used for "Cell Screen" testing are subjected to the same quality control as the standard protocol. Isolations detected by "Cell Screen" are not routinely identified but for a small additional charge we will test isolates against our bank of antisera to common cell culture contaminants. (A minimum of 3mL of sample is required for the cell screen test.)

"Cell Screen" may be used with confidence for:-

1. Regular monitoring of cell lines.

2. Confirmation of positive results detected by indirect methods.

3. As an alternative test if doubt arises over a negative result.

4. An independent check on routine test methods.

5. An initial check that novel findings are not associated with mycoplasma infection.

6. Investigation of outbreaks (which may require a large number of tests).

Although the "Cell Screen" is a highly sensitive test capable of detecting lower number of mycoplasmas than most indirect tests, the standard cell culture Protocol, with a larger sample test volume, more extensive testing and with full quality control documentation supplied with test reports is more suited to the following applications:-

1. Master Cell Banks.

2. Seed cultures for Bioreactors, Bioreactor Samples and large-scale cultures.

3. Confirmation of Eradication.

4. Incoming or outgoing cell lines.

5. Confirmation that novel findings are not associated with mycoplasma infection (e.g. before publication).

Whatever your current testing arrangements, the "Cell Screen" is an ideal introduction to our commitment to quality plus service and should tests reveal a contamination problem we can provide confidential technical assistance and consultancy.

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