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After secure transportation from your laboratory under controlled conditions, (see transportation services) the cell culture test is conducted as follows - samples are inoculated into both liquid and solid media, the liquid being subcultured onto solid medium after seven and fourteen days incubation. To ensure sensitivity the test continues for 28 days but, as many common mycoplasma species grow rapidly in the media, positive results would be likely within seven days. (A minimum of  20mL of sample is required for the cell cuture test.)

Each lot of medium used in your test will be tested with low numbers of M. pneumoniae (human pathogen), M. orale (human throat commensal, cell culture isolate), M. hyorhinis cultivar  α (porcine origin, cell culture isolate) and M. synoviae (avian pathogen, presently unique in its requirement for NAD). Additionally, media constituents are tested for their ability to support two, serum derived, common cell culture contaminants M. arginini and Acholeplasma laidlawii.


Identification can aid in tracing the source of infection and thus help avoid further outbreaks. Identification of isolates is an integral part of the cell culture test and will be initiated as soon as an isolation is confirmed. Although most mycoplasma infection of cell cultures is caused by a limited number of sources, infection with more than one mycoplasma species can occur and there is the possibility of isolating novel species.


On completion, a report is issued together with copies of the test worksheet and copies of media validation sheets which record the QC testing of all media lots used in the test.

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