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Mycoplasma Experience offers a testing service for veterinary samples, to establish whether mycoplasmas and/or ureaplasmas are present.

Mycoplasma Experience will examine veterinary specimens culturally for mycoplasmas and, where appropriate, ureaplasmas. Media used are tested for their ability to support low passage strains of organisms sought. Isolates can be screened for antimicrobial susceptibility if required. Many pathogens can be presumptively identified by phenotypic characteristics or by coloured colonies on our diagnostic agars. For further identification services see our guide to Mycoplasma Identification.

Guidance on packing vet samples.

Veterinary Submission Form


Discounts will be applied to multiple samples:-

                                                                            5-19 = 10% discount

                                                                            20 + = 20% discount

For details of our service for sample collection and transportation (with wet ice or solid CO2) recommended to ensure optimum survival, please refer to our sample transportation pages.

Samples shipped direct should be kept cool and delivered by same day or overnight courier.



Attempted isolation (general)


Isolation of M.hyopneumoniae from porcine lung


Isolation of bovine respiratory pathogens - includes media which support M.bovis, M.dispar, and U.diversum.


Isolation of M.bovis using selective medium


Isolation of equine mycoplasmas from tracheal washes


Transport media for mycoplasma or ureaplasma isolation

- issued by post or with transport container accompanied by sterile, breakaway swabs.


Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC)Testing of Isolates:-

Against one antibiotic (solutions stored at -20˚C)

Against one antibiotic (solutions unstable)

Against additional antibiotics (solutions stored at -20˚C)

Against additional antibiotics (solutions unstable)





Temperature controlled Transport service to Mycoplasma Experience

(includes provision of a coolbox)


Courier collection arranged by Mycoplasma Experience


Mycoplasma Experience Ltd.                               Phone: 01883 740185                    Email: mexp@mycoplasma-exp.com